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Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos Week 3 Game Blacked-Out For Local Viewers

September 26th, 2009 2 comments

Again, the NFL’s stupid rule on blackout’s rears it’s ugly head. The Raiders failed to sell out the tickets for this Sunday’s 1:15 PM PST game against the Denver Brocos (2-0) and therefore the game will be blacked out to viewers within a 120 kilometer radius of the game.

For more information, here’s the Wikipedia entry on NFL blackouts:

In the NFL, any broadcaster that has a signal that hits any area within a 75-mile (120 km) radius of an NFL stadium may only broadcast a game if that game is a road game, or if the game sells out 72 hours or more before the start time for the game. If sold out in less than 72 hours, or is close to being sold out by the deadline, the team can sometimes request a time extension. Furthermore, broadcasters with NFL contracts are required to show their markets’ road games. Sometimes if a game is very close to selling out, but not quite there, a broadcaster with rights to show the nearly sold out game will buy the remaining tickets (and give them to local charities) so it can broadcast the game (usually, this would involve no more than a few hundred tickets because of cost). Other teams elect to close off sections of their stadium, but cannot sell these tickets for any game that season if they choose to do so. As a result, if the home team’s game is a Sunday day game both networks can air only one game each in that market. (Until 2001, this rule applied whether or not the game was blacked out, however, this was changed because some markets virtually never aired doubleheaders as a result.) Usually, but not always, when each network can show only one game each in a market, the two stations work out between themselves which will show an early game and which will show a late game. This only affects the primary market, and not markets in a 75-mile (121 km) radius, which always get a doubleheader each Sunday.

Raiders Upset Texans 27-16 In Oakland

December 21st, 2008 No comments

How good is Raiders corner back Nnamdi Asomugha? Ask pro bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson. Coming off 3 consecutive games with a touchdown reception and over 200 receiving yards against the Tennessee Titans last week, Andre Johnson didn’t make his first reception until the 4th quarter.

As the Raiders pulled off a 27-16 home upset against the Texans, everything came together for the Raiders in Oakland today. With rain coming down throughout the game in an half empty stadium, the Oakland Raiders clicked on all aspects of the game. Asomugha and the defense shutdown a hot Houston Texans team. Fargas and McFadden controlled the ground game. While Jamarcus Russell gave Raider nation a glimpse of his potential completing 18 out of 25 passes for 236 yards while throwing two touchdowns. And shining all season, Johnnie Lee Higgins caught a touchdown and returned another spectacular punt return in the 3rd quarter to lock up the game for the Raiders.

After another disappointing season, the Raiders did their 40,000 fans at the coliseum right today by ending the last home game of the 2008 season with a win. The Raiders displayed their potential and for at least one game met the expectations of Raider Fans at the outset of the season. Rather than going out quietly, the Raiders have certainly built momentum going into the off-season today and Raider nation can hold their breaths for another season.

Highlights are available here at the website

    The Raiders meet old time coach Gruden next season for a Super Bowl XXXVII rematch in Tampa Bay next week. The Buccaneers having struggled recently themselves, I have but one small peace of advice, watch the Buccaneers-Panthers game from week 14 and run to the right.

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    Houston Texans At Oakland Raiders Blackout Likely

    December 18th, 2008 4 comments


    Fargas Looks To Repeat Ground Success This Sunday

    Fargas Looks To Repeat Ground Success This Sunday

    Sunday’s December 21st afternoon game when the Oakland Raiders host the Houston Texans will likely be blacked out on Raiders local Bay Area networks. Instead of airing a 1 PM Raiders games, CBS will show the New York Jets on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

    If anyone’s interested, the Jets are in a three-way tie for first in the AFC East with the Patriots and Dolphins and interesting to note, the Jets are 0-3 on the road against West Coast teams (Losses against the Raiders, Niners, and Chargers).

    As for the Raiders-Texans game, the Raiders face a hot Texans team which won their last 4 games. Since the Texans 2002 induction to the NFL, Oakland has lost all three games against the Houston.

    • 2004: L 30-17
    • 2006: L 23-14
    • 2007: L 24-17
    Asomugha will have his hands full covering fellow Pro Bowl star Andre Johnson. But if the Raiders can control the ball and run effectively, the Raiders will be able to hang in the game. Otherwise, Houston’s young defense, speedster running back Steve Slaton, along with the Schaub-Walter-Johnson tandem may be too much for Oakland to contain.

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