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Raiders Stun Football Nation; Beat Philadelphia Eagles 13-9

October 21st, 2009 9 comments

Eagles Raiders FootballAfter an extremely disappointing 3-game stretch where the Raiders were outscored 96 to 16, where Jamarcus Russell had failed to show any inkling of being an NFL quarterback, the Raiders were the easy target and prey of sports writers and broadcasters everywhere. Coming into Week 6, Mike Ditka threw Jamarcus Russell in his dog house on ESPN’s NFL preview show. A Yahoo Fantasy sports writers ranked Jamarcus Russell as 129th when rating the top 32 fantasy starters. Hell, Raider Nation even booed Russell as he trotted on the field to take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

And despite everything, what happened? Jamarcus Russell came out and showed a glimpse of what much of the Raider faithful had hoped the former #1 pick would be. Russell found an open Zach Miller down the middle for an 86-yard touchdown (thanks to key blocks from rookie receiver Louis Murphy). And in the final minutes of the game, converted a big 3rd and long play to FB Gary Russell.

Numbers wise, Russell finished the game with his 6th sub-100 QB-rating. But in terms of showing a few flashes of some caliber plays? This was the biggest game of the season for Russell.

Although much due respect goes to the defense, after losing Asomugha early in the game, the Raiders held the then 3rd highest scoring offense in the NFL to three field goals while sacking McNabb six times.

For once, after all that seemed to be lost for the 2009 Raiders’ Season, the Raiders came out and surprised football nation.

…I’m sorry for ever doubting you. Silver and Black for life!

Watch the video highlights of the Raiders 13-9 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Raiders Beat Chiefs 13-10 In Arrowhead | Russell & McFadden Lead Late Game-Winning Drive

September 20th, 2009 38 comments

Raiders Chiefs FootballIn an otherwise sloppy offensive game between the Raiders and Chiefs, the Raiders prevailed late in the game beating the Chiefs 13-10 for the Raiders first win of the season.

The Chiefs out gained the Raiders with409 total yards on offense to the Raiders 166. While the Chiefs trailed the Raiders 6-3 for most of the game, the Chiefs took the lead with a 29-yard TD pass from Cassell to Bowe with 2:30 left in the 4th quarter.

Despite finding little success on offensive side, Russell led the Raiders down the field in a late impressive drive to take the lead. In a 9 play 69-yard drive, Russell connected with Todd Watkins for a big 28-yard completion and finally capped off the drive with a McFadden TD run.

Watch McFaddens TD Run (

After last week’s demoralizing loss to the Chargers, the Raiders came close to falling victim to the same late-game defensive collapse after Bowe’s touchdown. Instead, Jamarcus Russell made the plays when he needed to and the Raiders came away with the game despite mustering only 166 total yards.

Throughout the pre-season, the Raiders continued to draw criticism from arround the league for drafting Heyward-Bey, controversey around how the organization is run, coaches punching coaches, and continual remarks to being the worst organization, not just team, in the NFL. But Raider Nation is always here in support, and after years of rebuilding, the Raiders are here to turn their image around this year.

The Raiders now head into week 3 1-1, and look to host the Denver Broncos in the black hole.

Game Notes

  • Safety Michael Huff picked off Chiefs QB Matt Cassell this week for 2 interceptions. Huff now leads the NFL with 3-interceptions.
  • Greg Ellis led the defensive line this week with 2-sacks.
  • The Raiders young receiving core struggled again for a second week. The Raiders totaled 99-yards passing. The Raiders receivers finished the game with 4 receptions (Watkins 1, Murphy 2, Heyward-Bey 1, Miller 0).
  • The Raiders had 0 turnovers.

Raiders Prevent Defense Fails To Hold Chargers In Monday Night, Raiders Lose 24-20

September 16th, 2009 2 comments

Chargers Raiders FootballThe Raiders put up a great fight against the Chargers on Monday night in hopes of ending an 11-game losing streak to San Diego stretching back to the 2003-04 season. For 57-minutes of the game, the Raiders were in line to pull off the upset. The Raiders dominated the game on defense holding the Chargers to 74-yards in the first half. The Raiders stopped the pass, contained LaDainian Tomlinson, and established an effective running tandem with McFadden & Bush. The game had the makings of a great upset from the start.

Led by newly acquired defensive lineman Richard Seymour, the Raiders defense contained the potent San Diego offense for the first three quarters until the final stand when the Raiders dropped the safeties and linebackers into prevent, and allowed Phillip Rivers and the Chargers to a final 79-yard game winning drive.

Despite the loss, the Raiders played a solid game and video highlights for the game can be found at the NFL Network.

Last season, the Raiders finished 5-12, and lost games to Miami, Buffalo, and Kansas City in similar fashion by playing a soft in the final minutes of the game. Perhaps, it’s time for the Raiders to believe in themselves and trust their players to do the right thing. Sure playing the team in prevent may be the safe route, but after the first three quarters, trust your players enough to allow them to play the same way they have all game; overpowering. Instead, playing back on the Chargers, Rivers and co. found numerous holes in the Raider defense that were non-existent earlier in the game.

The Raiders walked away Monday night with a very disappointing loss to open the season (though Cincinnati and Buffalo walked away with much tougher to bear late minute losses). But all-in-all, the Raiders showed lots of promise. The wide receiving core as well as Jamarcus Russell’s inexperience showed, but the Raiders defense and run game are the real deal.

So long as the team focuses around what they’re built for, the Raiders can potentially still pull out a solid 7-8 win season.

Next week, the Raiders take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead. Let’s get a win boys.

Game Notes

  • Richard Seymour arrived in Oakland and started the game without participating in a single full practice. Seymour didn’t disappoint, contributing to a Raiders run defense that held both Tomlinson and Sproles to a combined 77-yards on the ground. Seymour also sacked Chargers QB Philip Rivers twice in the first half.
  • Raiders return man specialist and slot receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins took a hard hit in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and long play and is questionable for week 2 with a shoulder injury.
  • Rookie WR Louis Murphy caught a 4th-down 57-yard touchdown pass (first TD in his career) late in the game after having a TD catch overturned by officials earlier in the game.
  • Raiders first round draft pick Darrius Heyward-Bey had 0-catches in a night where Raiders receivers only made 5 receptions.