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Javon Walker Bites The Dust

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Here we go, another one bites the dust. After Al Davis cut DeAngelo Hall last week, the second major off-season acquisition departs. This time due to injury, Javon Walker announced he is done for the season with a left ankle injury.¬†Well I’m certainly glad that $13 million got us eight games, 15 catches, and 196 yards. Just a bit over $800,000 per NFL grab. You know, this may be a leap, but I’m beginning to suspect that Al Davis consults Bear Stearns, AIG, and Fannie Mae on his spare time.

Javon Walker in the off-season did offer to opt out of his contract and return any bonus money to the organization. Excellent news as long as we get the flux capacitor to work in our time machine.

Javon Walker OUT

Javon Walker OUT

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