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Missing NFL Players Boat Found, Raiders Linebacker Still Lost

At 11AM Pacific time today, the Coast Guard found Nick Schuyler clinging to the overturned fishing boat 30 miles off St. Petersburg, Florida. A former football player from the University of Southern Florida, Schuyler is conscious and is currently working with authorities and the Coast Guard has shifted their search for the remaining men lost at sea.

Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, free agent Corey Smith, and Will Bleakley are still lost at sea. Fortunately, Schuyler mentioned that Cooper and company managed to put on their life vests and were all clinging on to the overturned hull of their fishing boat before the men were separated.

The group set sail on a sunny Saturday morning before weather turned for the worst. With winds up to 45 miles per hour on Sunday, Schuyler reported a wave flipped the fishing boat.

Cooper’s wife reports that both Cooper and Smith are experienced seaman and she is confident that they made it off the ship safely.

As the coast guard continue their search, hope remains that the players will be found unharmed.

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