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New England Patriots Face Raiders, No Television Blackout

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Brady "Tucking" The Ball

Brady "Tucking" The ball

Rejoice Raider fans, if you can’t get tickets to the game this Sunday, it’s probably because the game’s sold out. The game will broadcast live at 1:15 PM PST on local television networks and there’s no need to worry about a television blackout.


After two disappointing losses to division rivals the Chiefs and Chargers, the Raiders face defending AFC 18-1 Champs New England Patriots. The Patriots come into town amidst a three-way tie in the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Out of the AFC West race, the Raiders have a chance to keep the Patriots out of the playoffs. After the notorious anti-Raider “tuck rule” ruling against the Raiders in the 2002 playoffs, there’s nothing I’d like to see more than the Raiders upsetting the Patriots this week.

“But it’s the Patriots! Randy Moss! Wes Welker! Wah Wah Wah.” Doubters, check your concerns, although Cassell has found his groove in the potent Patriots passing offense lately, the Patriots are ultimately depleted on defense and solely rely on the brilliance of Bill Belichick. Furthermore, Matt Cassell lost his father this week and spent most of his time away from the team. I wish the best for Cassell’s family, but the incident is nonetheless a distraction for the Patriots passing game and will only benefit the Raiders. If any of you recall, the last time some one’s father passed, it was Brett Favre and Favre torched the Raiders for 4 passing TDs on Monday Night Football. Well Cassell, even if everything is going well, is not Favre.

It’s time for the Raiders secondary to step up and restore justice against the Patriots this Sunday.

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    Sorry fans of the Raiders, but Cassel is starting and the Patriots will win today. Still think it’ll be a good game. Glad to hear that it’s sold out. Enjoy it and also the Patriots victory!

    Matt – musketfire.com

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