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Patriots Defeat Raiders 49-26 Old Raiders Shine

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In December 2003, Brett Favre came to Oakland just days after suffering his fathers passing and torched the Raiders for 399 yards over the air and 4 TD passes. Favre led the Packers to a 41-7 victory over the Raiders that Monday Night.

Today, on another cold December, Matt Cassel also learned of his fathers passing before coming to Oakland. With half the passing yards, Cassel  similarly followed suit to torch the Raiders with 4 TD passes and led the Patriots to a 49-26 win over the Oakland Raiders. With the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets all winning this Sunday, the AFC East’s three-way tie for first remains unchanged.

As heavy rain fell on the Oakland Coliseum (McAfee recently dropped their sponsorship), the game ended early as New England jumped to a 21-0 lead with three minutes left in the first quarter. The Patriots dominated the Raiders over the air and ground game with recently departed Raiders shining through the clouds. Despite Asomugha’s best efforts, Randy Moss caught 5 passes and scored 2 TDs while Lamont Jordan returned from injury to run 97 yards on the ground including a 49-yard TD run.

After the game, Lamont Jordan had this to say about his return to Oakland:

“I was definitely happy for him [Randy Moss], especially the way the Oakland media had no good things to say about him. … We came here together to wear the Oakland uniform and to try to turn that program around. It didn’t work out and we both left on bad terms.”

Despite New England’s large lead, the Raiders at times had the opportunity to close the gap. Higgins amazing speed burned the Patriots junior varsity secondary for a 56-yard touchdown while Justin Miller, who recently supplanted Higgins on kick returns, ran a kickoff to the house in a 91 yard run. But the Raiders stalled in the redzone when Jamarcus Russell through a pass short of Ronald Curry who seemed to be reading a separate book, much less page

The Patriots scored the most points any team had on the Raiders in 2008 and all but 3000 of the Coliseums sold out crowd stayed past the 3rd quarter. I’m trying my best to stay positive, but let’s put this season behind us and renew our sense of hope for the 2009 season.

The Raiders host the Houston Texans whom won their last 4 games in Oakland next Sunday. Next week’s game’s slated to kick-off at 1:05 PM.

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